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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Suriname is a private body under public law. The General Meeting of Members - the body having supreme decision - making power within the organisation - consists of representatives of small and medium - sized business and large companies and is composed in such a way as to reflect the countries business sector.

Main Functions

At present there is one Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Suriname. The Chamber has three main functions entrusted to it by law: implementation of economic legislation, provision of trade information and representation of the interests of regional trade and industry. The main item of legislation affecting the Chamber is the Commercial Register Act (Handelsregisterwet). This Act provides that all commercial organisations, with the exception of some small businesses, must register in the Commercial Register. The particulars to be recorded are the name, address, place of establishment, business activities, legal form (private or public company) and management (members of the management board, authorised representatives).

Trade Information

Second, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry supplies trade information and information about businesses. The Chamber serves as a vade- mecum, guide and intermediary, which is of great importance to the smaller firms in particular. The Chamber has an extensive knowledge of the different subjects that affect entrepreneurs. Take for example its in-depth knowledge of the prospects for exports and of possible suppliers. And also of the different legal forms and the legislation governing businesses. Not surprisingly, more and more people are using the information sources of the Chambers of Commerce.

Representation of economic interests

Finally, the role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as representative of the countries economic interests has become increasingly important over the years. The same is true of its work in representing the interests of trade and industry. The Chamber is a active lobbyists in such fields as improvement of the infrastructure and economic climate and modification of training and education to meet the needs of the labour market and environmental legislation.

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Contact Information

This Internet site contains a selection of information that is of importance to you as a foreign entrepreneur. If you should still have any questions after reading it, however, please contact the Information Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

                        +(597) 473527
                        +(597) 470802
Postal address
                        Mr. J.C. de Miranda Straat 10
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